Eleventh Blog Post

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Well, this is the final blog post for my J450 class, and I wanted to end it with the primary equipment we used!

This first photo is of the camera (Canon 60d) with the lens cap next to the bag the camera came in.  I like this photo because of how I interpret the sunlight off to the right.  The sunlight represents the end of the tunnel for this class this semester – I’m almost done and it’s just a few more steps!  I think I could have toned the brightness down – it’s a little hot looking – and brought up the contrast to bring out the colors.  Overall, decent photo.

The second photo is a close-up of the camera.  This is my second favorite of the three that I took.  I like how the reflection of my window and the light coming from it helps make the camera and the lens cap stand out.  I just love the natural light that my room produces for my pictures, particularly on days like today – overcast with a lot of sunlight.  I just love how you can see the details on the camera as well as the different layers of the camera within the lens!

The third photo is another close-up and my favorite of the three!  I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t expecting to see the reflection of the light down the hall from my room to show up in the lens.  I wanted to have something in focus on the lens without having to show too much of the junk that’s on my dresser, which is behind the camera.  I thought it would be a good idea to extend the dial on the camera to show more definition.  The camera itself was already showing enough detail and definition from the second photo, but I wanted to take it a step further by extending the lens out and having something else reflecting off the lens.  I can’t help but love the reflection off the lens – the warm glow of the hallway light, the door partially closed, a small portion of my bed with the navy blue blanket; it just looks really nice!
I greatly enjoyed this class besides the numerous crossroads and blockades I came to.  It’s something I will take with me as I graduate at the end of the year whenever I have to submit a portfolio for Senior Semester.  Mrs. McGill, I greatly appreciate this class and I hope to see you sometime in the near future!


Tenth Blog Post

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For the last blog post of the month, this will show my four main gaming consoles.


The first photo is a group shot of all four systems – Nintendo Gamecube, Sony PS2, PS3, and PS4.  I like the lighting on this one since the metallic gray on both the Gamecube and its controller make it pop.  The texture of the place materials on the PlayStations can be seen pretty well in this photo from the PS2’s matte finish to the PS3’s glossy finish.  Overall, a solid photo in this set!

The second photo is of the sixth generation of consoles – my Gamecube and PS2 with their respective controllers.  Like the previous photo, I really like the lighting on this one.  Especially the highlights on the blue PS2 controller.  Unlike the previous photo, I don’t really see much of the textures here and mostly see the finish of the systems.  Also, like the previous photo, the metallic finish of the Gamecube and its controller help it in this picture, as well as its colored buttons.

The third photo is a close-up of my PS3 and its controller.  I had the exact same problems with this photo as in my seventh blog post.  Getting my camera in the right position, in focus, logo showing up properly, the reflectivity, etc.  In the end, I think my controller’s stale complexion make it stand out from my PS3’s glossy finish.  Seriously, that reflectivity is insane and is a pain to deal with!

The last photo is of my PS4 and its controller both turned on.  This one is my favorite out of the bunch since it shows off both the glow of the PS4’s light as it’s on as well as the controller’s strong blue LED light.  I mean, it’s the one thing that caught my eye whenever I look back at the photo – that is the first thing I see whenever I look at the picture!  Much like the PS3, the reflectivity of the left side of the PS4 was a pain.  But, man, look at the glow of controller!  I think I can use that light for a future picture in another blog post!

Ninth Blog Post

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Time to take a step back a few generations in consoles.  This week, it’s my PlayStation 2 with my only games I have for it.

The first photo I wanted to show the games with the system.  I’m starting to realize that using my floor for these photos makes the game cases, consoles, CD’s, and the controllers have good contrast from the bland, vanilla carpet.  I wanted to show this by making sure the sun coming through my window showed off their colors, but the Driv3r and Tekken 4 cases have that godforsaken glare I’m still having trouble with.  UGHHHHHHHH!

The second photo is a close shot of the props from the first photo.  I think I should have positioned them facing the window as opposed to away from it like they are.  The PS2 has the logo on the glossy line going down the lower portion of the console and I wanted to have that show up.  Like I said, I think I should have aimed this more towards the sunlight than away from it.  This is my least favorite of the three photos I took.

The third photo is of the CD’s around and in the open console.  THIS!  This is the photo that shows of the colors the best.  I love how the colors showed up in this and I firmly believe having the Tekken 4 CD in the console makes it pop more.  Likewise, the Metal Gear Solid 3 CD’s could have worked  equally as well.  I would have loved to have the CD spinning as the console was on, but it needed to be plugged up to do that, and there’s a lot of junk where I put it.  So, I couldn’t do that.  Next week will involve another console from the same generation of the PS2 – the Nintendo Gamecube!

Eighth Blog Post

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Looks like this week’s blog post will talk about my handheld devices I play games on – predominantly my tablet and Nintendo DS.

The first photo shows my DS Lite with all the games I have for it.  It’s not much, but it’s enough to keep me entertained.  I’ve always loved my DS, but this is the second DS Lite I own – the first being the original plain white one.  I love my DS since it’s one of the only handheld gaming devices I’ve had that kept me hooked for hours on hours.  These four games would keep me entertained for around two or more days if I haven’t completed them already.

The second photo is showing off the DS with the four games again.  I wanted to place the cartridges and the DS in such a way that would best show off the games and the system.  Granted, the fourth photo shows the screen far better than this one; it was a little dim for some reason on my viewfinder.

The third photo shows the two handheld devices I only use today.  You may wonder why my phone isn’t in the photo, but that’s for two reasons:  one, I don’t play games on my phone because it’s a ‘phone’; two, I’m using it for these photos.  Granted, I still use my tablet more than my DS since I can do a lot more than my DS can – I can look on the Internet, check my emails, and a bunch of other stuff.  The one challenge was the design on top of the DS that’s a symbol of its dual screens.  If you look close enough, you can see the indention and soft shadows of it on the DS.

The fourth photo, like I said in the second photo, shows off the screens of both devices.  Current favorite app on my tablet is Tetris Galaxy and my favorite game for my DS is Pokemon White.  The difference between the two is that one requires 100 percent of my concentration while the other is mindless fun; their similarity is that both take up about the same amount of time of my day to play them – about 20 to 30 minutes depending on if I feel like playing them.  Also, pardon my dog in the left frame of the photo, as well as my dying DS battery.

Seventh Blog Post

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A new month brings on a new theme!  For the month of March, I will dedicate it to one of my lesser pastimes – video gaming.


The first photo is of my favorite video game franchise – Fallout.  I love the series so much that I had to buy a hoodie from an online store.  I generally play video games on Sony consoles – Playstation 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. – but my overall preference is PlayStation.  I had a little bit of trouble getting Fallout 4’s case to show up because of the dreaded sun – the main nemesis of majority of my photos!  But, I think it was the direction and angle from which the case is laying that makes it have that distracting glare.  Overall, this photo is the template for my favorite franchise!


The second and third photos, in tandem, show my current favorite game to play whenever I come home from a stressful day of school.  I wanted the controller to be the central focus and closest to the viewer to show that gaming is something I hold close, and privately.  I’m not very open about gaming since I tend to nerd out, or geek out, and I get super embarrassed, so I tend to not openly talk about it.  The third photo, much like the second, shows what I was going for, but to show that Fallout 4 is my current favorite game to play to relieve stress.
The fourth photo is showing off my chair that I sit in along with my current favorite PS3 game, Fallout 3, with my PS3 controller.  Unlike the previous two photos, I prefer to have wired controllers for PS3 since I honestly don’t like the wireless controllers for the console – called DualShock 3 controllers.  Plus, I wanted to have the colors match one another since the game case, my controller and my chair all have a similar color scheme:  Black with red.  I wanted to have the sun behind my chair and give off the impression that there’s an aura around the chair, also giving off the impression that Fallout 3 is a masterpiece of a game.  My biggest grip is my computer monitor off to the right.  ARGH!


The fifth photo is a close-up of my PS3’s logo and name.  This one was a bit tricky to snap.  The sun had a decent glare on the right side and I had to angle my phone a certain way to get the right exposure and focus it properly.  Since it was in the shade, it was a little grainy until I got it to focus, and the grainy filter disappeared.  I just like how the lighting worked out so well for this photo – the black lines going down the center thanks to my TV stand, the lighter portions on the side, and how in-focus the logo of the system is.


The sixth, and last, photo is of my PlayStation 4 with the headphones and controller charger plugged in.  Much like the fifth photo, I wanted to show off the logo for the system, but didn’t realize that the logo – the ‘PS4’ that’s visible – was also the same color as the smooth portion, or top, of the system.  All it took was a simple adjustment of the focus and I was ready to snap the photo.  What I find cool about this photo is how the wires jut out in the same direction and fold in almost the same manner.

Sixth Blog Post

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And my special guest for this assignment is my dog, Ginger!


For this assignment, I wanted to show off some more merchandise and the CDs I listen to the most both on my way to school and home.  The first photo I think I like the least since I couldn’t get it focused.  So, I had to do with what I had.  My room gives off a lot of light, and the roof light is situated in the dead-center of my room.  So, the light is spread equally throughout my room and it’s hard to get the proper shadows I want.  That’s why I don’t particularly like that pic.


The second photo is of Ginger looking at me with a portion of my music and merch in frame.  I wanted to show that these two are the most important things in my personal life right now.  I adore Ginger so much that I have to greet her with about 2 minutes of loving.  The other is music, which I am generally listening to majority of the day either blasting in my room or with my headphones on.  I also like the shadow that my dog is giving off in this photo.


The third photo is Ginger looking off again, but the photo is snapped just slightly behind her.  I wanted to convey to the viewer that even though music may take up majority of the day for me, I still will make time to spend time with my dog.  Granted, she doesn’t stay in my room long since the sounds probably hurt her little ears.  So, I wouldn’t blame her for leaving my room sometimes.


The last two are just extras I wanted to show off of Ginger.  Now, you all may think she’s adorable and all, which I will agree to, but she’s actually blind.  She has what’s called SARDS (Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) and it gradually affected her once she was diagnosed with it.  The saddest part was watching her gradually become blind, bumping into furniture, and eventually getting confused about where she was.  We also think she’s becoming deaf.  We noticed this whenever we saw her look in the opposite direction from which we called her, and by her mannerisms of which she would cautiously walk around trying to find us.
But, the one thing she’s kept about her that we all love is that she loves people and will lick you to death.  She never  barks, unless I mess with her too much, and whenever we’re holding her she will continuously wag her tail and stick her neck out until she finds you, licks you, and wants you to hold her.  If you haven’t already noticed by what you have already read, she’s very affectionate.

Fifth Blog Post

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For this blog post, I went with something a little more simple and easy to do.  These are my babies – my 4th generation iPod and my Skull Candy headphones.  I honestly haven’t used my iPod that much after I bought my tablet and phone – both LG models – and it’s been collecting dust for little over a year.  That is, until I picked it back up last year (2016) and jammed out to some of the songs I forgot I had.  What you see on the screen is the song “Custer” by Slipknot.


For the first photo, I wanted to show how I felt about the iPod with the headphones – they are the greatest thing I have ever received!  My issue is the lens flare of the sun coming through my window and how my phone makes it look a little hazy.  Plus, look at all that junk behind it!  I seriously need to tidy up a little in my room.


The second photo is more about the iPod.  The issue here was the blue tint the screen had whenever I took the pic.  I loved the angle and the lighting, but it was that screen that sort of screwed up the photo.  I’m just glad there was a glare from the sun whenever I was taking the picture.


The third photo is with the headphones and the iPod.  I wanted to see how the shadows would appear in this photo and you can see a long shadow, but it’s between being a soft and hard shadow – it’s not too hard and not too soft, but just right.  Plus, this is how I wanted the screen to appear in the previous two photos.  For some odd reason, the screen had a blue tint on my camera, but here it looks perfectly fine.  There’s a bit of a bloom or glow effect going on with the screen, but that’s manageable.

Fourth Blog Post

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The first photo is of some band t-shirts and albums I own by a few bands.  This one was the most difficult to actually set up since I didn’t have a good spot to hang my shirts.  I couldn’t lay them on my bed since I could only get photos of them from above.  So, I had to improvise and hang them on my fan.  The other challenge was trying to get the CD’s cases to stand up.  Like the previous blog post, the reflection of sunlight on the cases – namely the Slipknot albums – was also a bit troublesome, so I had to angle them a downwards so that there was enough shadowing to counteract the angle of light.

The second photo was something interesting I wanted to do with the albums and CD’s.  The lighting was surprisingly easy to get and you can see the faint symbol on the Slipknot album on the right.  I wanted to show the color palette of the CD’s and albums compared to the first photo.  The one that stands out is the vibrant orange complexion of the Alice in Chains album and it’s shiny yellow CD.  The Megadeth and Slipknot CD’s are the stale and bare colored ones of the bunch with more grays and whites.  The KoRn CD – the blue and magenta CD – caught me by surprise whenever I bought the album.  I didn’t expect this color palette whenever I opened the case.

The third and fourth photo were set up using the CD folder from the previous blog post and a match box.  The third photo shows how the lighting from coming from behind the CD’s and cases, and were a little easy to get the complexion of the CD’s and cases.  The yellow Alice in Chains CD was a bit troublesome because the glow of the CD mixed with the sunlight too much.

The fourth photo was to show more detail on the CD’s, album cases and the bed sheet.  If you zoom in real close, you can see the different textures of the CD’s and damage on the album cases.  The one that shows the most texture is the “All Hope Is Gone” CD – you can see that it appears to be made on a denim texture and placed on the CD.  Plus, you can see the many scratches and grime on the individual album cases – most notably the orange Alice in Chains album and Slipknot album.  I also like how the shadows were in this one since you can see them more clearly than the third photo.  They were short shadows and didn’t cast much, so you can see more detail in the cases and CD’s.

Third Blog Post

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I have decided to go with a particular theme for each blog post every month.  So, for this month (February), I will dedicate each blog post pertaining to music of some kind.  This is a more recent CD I bought from the band KoRn of their latest album “The Serenity of Suffering.”  The shots I chose for this were a little challenging since I had to wait until a particular time of the day to take them whenever the sun was shining through my window.  Another challenge of taking these photos was trying to make the album case legible without having much of a glare, or reflection, to it.  The last challenge I had to overcome was trying to get both the case and CD to stand up against one another.  Any prop I had around my room was either too big or too small, but I happened to notice a CD case I won from Frankie’s Fun Park a couple years ago.  So, that’s what these two are propped against.

The lighting, like I have said, was a bit of a challenge.  Having it just right without having too much of a glare and reflection did take some time.  The first photo (close up) I wanted to show the album cover in detail with the CD behind it in the shadow – almost like how they would advertise records with the case standing up and the record itself laying down beside it in the shadow.  The hard shadows from the album case and the soft shadows from my blinds sort of ruined the pic a little.  If I didn’t have those blinds there, I think my picture would have come out a little bit better.

The second photo I wanted to look like something you would see advertised in a magazine.  Granted, it’s no where near the quality of advertisement material, but I wanted to give it a shot with what little stuff I had lying around.  I like the flare the sun is giving through the window, but, again, I don’t like how the blinds obscure most of the light.  I firmly believe if I had curtains instead of blinds that the photos I took would have come out a lot better.

Second Blog Post

These two pictures are the ones I wanted to show everyone.  I love to take photos of the environment – if the moment presents itself – and of my pet dog, Ginger.  Some are old while the others are new.

The first picture is of the fountain in front of the Thomas Cooper Library during the frost day we had a week or so ago – as of January 25.  I was walking to the library to buy a soda when I noticed that one of those ‘moments’ I just spoke of.  I stood near a bench and snapped this.  It’s a bit tilted, but I think it would have looked a bit cut-off if I took the picture vertically, or too landscape if it were horizontally.

I think the lighting is one of the major components to this image.  Since the sun was behind some clouds, there wasn’t much sunlight on this day – thus, it looks like it’s early morning, which it wasn’t.  There isn’t an emotional value, but this would be a good pic I would like to keep for a while – probably as a memory of U.S.C. after I have graduated.

The second photo is of my dog, Ginger.  She usually loves sleeping on my bed whenever there is a lot of sun coming in my room, so I decided to snap this while she slept and I was on my computer.  This is a fairly old photo – about two years old.  The most prominent element to this is, again, the lighting.  I think what draws the immediate attention of the viewers to the photo is of my dog in the light.  She contrasts a lot with my Citadel blanket, and the covers and pillows, so it makes her stand out from everything else.

I always keep photos of my pets.  There may a day where they disappear or go to doggy heaven the next day, so I want pictures as a memory of them.  In essence, I love my pets and generally have a folder with photos dedicated to them on my computer.